Thursday, July 23, 2020

Why Hopping From One Direct Sales Company is Not the Answer

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing wonderful today. I want to take just a moment to introduce myself to anyone that may not know me. I am a 30 year entrepreneur and 19 year direct sales representative. Over the years I've represented many direct sales companies. Avon is the company that I've managed to stay the course with. Some of the companies I represented went out of business and some, I ONLY joined because the opportunity looked and/or sounded good. 

Here's the thing with joining too many companies. Some of us are multitaskers and some of us aren't. Some of us have the extra time to put into more than one company and some of us just don't. Some are not carefully planning out each day making sure that each company is being promoted enough.

Top Reasons Why Some Join too Many Companies

1. Not giving it enough time to grow the business
2. Choosing a company that the rep is not passionate about
3. Choosing a company just because the opportunity is free
4. Choosing a company without researching their background
5. Not reading all the fine print that also includes compensation plans

Have I ever been a direst sales hopper? Yes - yeeeears ago but you bet I learned my lesson. There will be those times that we will get the no's. There will be those times when sales will be down. There will be times when we will get discouraged but if we want to stay in the race, we must stay in it. Starting a new one will only make us start the process all over again. Why because the grass in not always greener on the other side. I strongly suggest before joining new companies to first grow the first one that one is passionate about. Direct sales representatives should take and make the time to build one then incorporate another or others. Some only choose to represent and that is perfectly fine.

I represent three which is something I don't recommend that everyone do. If this is you try creating a schedule using a calendar and working on each business only on certain days for two to three hours a day. This works for me! Stick to the plan and stay consistent.

Many don't do what it takes to make one work, then decide to join another. The truth is that all direct sales companies pretty much work the same. What we put into something over time is what we will get out of it. Each representative should look within ourselves and ask the question, have I tried everything before calling it quits.

Here aTip About Joining Free Companies 
Joining companies free is perfectly fine but should your company have sales kits/products in time you will want to build your own kit and also try the products yourself. Some companies will even allow people to join free then purchase a sales kit later. How can we truly recommend products to clients that we haven't tried ourselves. Don't be afraid to invest in your future. Sometimes investing just a little bit of money each month will help a business grow tremendously. 

A. Make sure that you are joining the company that is meant for you.
B. Be consist when promoting by sharing some of the things you offer on social media, email and text message marketing, blogging, video marketing, and even more.
C. Give the business time to grow. No business will grow over night but only expect it to grow if you are doing what it takes. 

In 19 years, I've learned so much but just can't share it all here. I forgot to mention that I am also the author of 100 Tips for Direct Sales Leaders. If you would like to learn more about how to build and grow a strong direct sales opportunity, check out my book here - - on Amazon. The book will be a small investment in your future.

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