Monday, April 18, 2022

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  • I've always wanted a digital business card but with the many business expenses that I have, I put this off for later. A few days ago I saw a facebook post of a success coach that I couldn't turn down. This was an offer I could not refuse because i've always enjoyed a good deal. The fact that this will save money in the future is rewarding.

    Save Money on Printing Cost

    I may still print cards every now and then but I won't have to print as many. 

    Did I Mention a Few of Their Fabulous Features?

    You can add videos on your cards.
    You can share your card via text , email, and on social media.
    You can even link all your social media accounts and facebook messenger if you like.

    Show off your products and services with stunning photos and embedded videos.
  • Have you ever heard of this company - Shuffle by Elify? Well they've been around for awhile and many are happily using their services. I was getting ready to have business cards printed for $30 so this is right on time. What I really love about this is that creating the digital business cards is so easy. It takes only a few minutes for them to generate your information from your settings. The cost is usually $20 a month but with my promo code the cost is only $10 a month and making edits is a breeze. Not to mention the training videos for those that aren't a friend of technology is much needed.
  • Share the resources that work with the rest of your team.

There is so much more that you can take advantage of. I am so excited because i've just kicked professionalism up another knotch and you can too.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Your Brand May Not be Successful Because...

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You're Not Branding Like a Pro

Brand Like a Pro! Remember that your brand represents you and what you have to offer. If your logo and marketing materials look unprofessional then what does that say to a potential client? First impressions means everything. If you are not creative enough to design your own logo and marketing materials, don't be afraid to invest in you. You're worth it and so is your brand. 

Your Packaging Isn't Marketable

What is it that you have to offer? Take a look at your color schemes, font styles, and branding. Is your packaging boring, outdated, or confusing? Your packaging should answer questions that people may have about what's inside. People should never wonder about what you're offering. Your packaging should help sell your product. You want a total professional look.

You're Not Targeting the Correct Audience

Targeting the wrong audience is a waste of time.  I get it! You have something to offer and you're ready to get the word out. It's been proven that only a small percentage of those viewing your ads are really interested or need what is offered. Yes they may admire your work or social media post but many will never patronize or offer support. Lets take a look at social media marketing for example. How many of the admirers - the people that hit the like button actually support or patronize you? Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish the ones that are always liking my social media post would make a purchase or support what i'm doing?"

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why You Are Afraid of Networking (How to Get More Exposure)


I've asked this question many times as a business coach. If people don't know you or what you have to offer how can they support you?

Can You Be Shy and Still be Successful in Business?

I remember years ago being the type of person that wanted to meet new people but I was super shy. Of course I made sales but not as many as I could have if I wasn't so fearful. I may have been one to go to the networking events but approaching total strangers was out of the question. 

Wondering How to Approach People Can be Awkward

I always wondered what I would say or how people would perceive me. The feeling of being rejected was a big thing. Interesting enough I didn't think about the fact that everyone there was there for the same reason. Fear can cause us to be concerned about a lot of things. Will I approach someone weird or will the person think i'm trying to hit on them. :) The things that can go through our minds!

Wondering What to Say Can be an Issue

When shy or quiet people are approached, they struggle with what to say. Trying to keep a conversation going could really be something. Either they don't know what to say or they manage to not say much at all. Learning what to do at a networking event is vital. This is an opportunity to build relationships. So try not to run people away because people can feel your level of confidence. 

Don't be Afraid to Network

It took me a minute to realize that if I wanted exposure, I needed to kick the shy habit. Today many years later, I am TOTALLY different. I'm not concerned at all about what people think about me. I am not worried about what to say. I carry myself as a professional. I look the part and confidence is something that I definitely have. I have no problem with meeting new people and love the idea of approaching as many people as I can. 

Fear Holds Us Back

The question is what are we so afraid of? The truth is that we need one another's support to be successful. Look at it like this - the people that seem intimidating are in need of the same thing as you - exposure. The next time you are in position to network, remember that if you don't use the opportunity you will lose. 

This will come natural the more you do it. Trust Me! Don't be afraid to approach or to be approached..

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Professionalism is Key!

Today for the first time I visited a vegan restaurant. I was so apprehensive not knowing what to expect. There is nothing like spending your money when you’re hungry and being disappointed. So where am I going with this?? As I sat in the restaurant finishing up what was left of my food the owner looked at me and asked me how everything was. I assured him that I enjoyed the meal. I shared with him that this was my first time eating at a vegan restaurant and that I would definitely be back.


He goes it taste no different from eating meat as long as you put care in preparing the meal. He then stated that I’ve eaten at a few vegan restaurants and the food was horrible. He then goes this is why we decided to open this restaurant.


A Few Things Are Key Here…….


1.    He took the time to see if I was pleased.

2.    He let me know that he cared about the quality of the food he was serving.

3.  It’s a true fact that if clients aren’t happy that they won’t support a business.


Professionalism is Key!!


Here are a few things that I do to follow up with clients to see if they are happy.


A.   I keep an open line of communication with them.

B.    I return messages and calls promptly. If I can’t I let clients know that there is a problem and I will call as soon as I am able. In other words, I let them know that I haven’t forgotten about them.


Providing the Best Customer Service Possible is a Key to Success…When we do this, chances are that we will get more referrals. Chances are that we get more repeat clients.


When the professional cares more about the happiness of the client than he does about making money, he is on his way to being successful!


I hope and pray that there is something that I’ve said that helps you grow your business!!


Here’s Something the Lord Placed in my Heart…..


Remember the Lord in Everything you do, and he will give you success!!


When we treat our customers in the way that God requires us to, we can’t help but be successful! Don’t forget about the Lord in everything you do!


Have a Blessed & Prosperous Day!!


Dr. Victoria Sheffield

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How to Increase Sales Online

If you are an entrepreneur you may be wondering how you can make more money online. There are businesses that thrive without online sales due to offline marketing efforts. Some are apprehensive because they are accustomed to doing things the old way. For those that would like tips on how to grow your online business, I have a few things to share. 

Don't be Afraid to Network

It takes time to build any business whether off or online. If you are someone with a business with very few people in your circle, chances are that your sales volume will be low. The more people you know, the  more opportunities to share what you do. Being shy or afraid to let new people in your world may cost you potential clients. Try building followers on social media by adding 3 new friends each time you log on per day. If you're a little apprehensive, reach out to friends of mutual friends.

Build Relationships

Have you ever been there? Someone sent you a friend request on social media only to ask you to join their team, visit their website, or to purchase their product? This can be totally annoying! People would much rather do business with people they know and trust. Work on building relationships first then share your opportunity with them. A part of networking is finding out things about those you connect with. Try sending a message to those you connect with on social media thanking them for connecting with you. Wait a few days or a week then send them another message that either shows interest in what they do or pay them a compliment (conversation starters). Add their names to a prospect list. Have general chats/conversation with them until you feel comfortable enough to share with them what you do. There really is no set amount of time to build relationships but the key is to make certain that the potential client does not feel as if there is an underlying motive. 

Use Hashtags & Keywords

When posting on social media, make sure you use hashtags and keywords. They have a lot to do with how you're indexed when people do searches. So what are hashtags anyway? Defined -  A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications to identify digital content on specific topics. For example if I post something on social media about makeup. I would add it like this (#makeup) somewhere in the post. Keywords are words or phrases that people use the most when searching online. For example make money online or direct sales tips. To learn more about keywords research SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Work on Your Social Media Presence

First Impressions mean everything! If we are professionals, then we should present ourselves as professional. Something I do on a regular basis is work on appearance. Having a professional headshot photo or one that can pass for professional is key. Flyers and graphics should look their best. Posting things that are negative or out of character could be a turn off. People enjoy feel good post that are fun and engaging. Interesting enough most post should not be ads. Just a few ideas of things to post: family photos, funny post, inspiration, & trending topics or news. Sprinkling in a few ads here or there is sufficient.

Stay Consistent 

Staying consistent means staying active. Sure entrepreneurs can succeed without social media but with the world evolving, social media can help. Some are not interested is social media marketing but interacting only a few days a week can make a difference. How to you stay active on social media? Engage in other people's post by liking, commenting, & sharing post. This is a sure way to get noticed. I strongly suggest three to four days a week to see great results. Part of professionalism is not getting into disputes, anything that is negative, or posting profanity. Last but not least make sure that you're checking your messages and responding in a timely manner.  

Just a Few More Tips:
There are quite a few things that can be done to grow a business on social media. Remember that marketing efforts should be ongoing. Think about creating a monthly marketing plan. Offer the best customer service. Be punctual and trustworthy. Pay attention to competitors but work on being authentic. Brand like a pro and utilize target marketing. Follow up with clients that place orders by thanking them for their orders and by making sure that they are pleased. 

I hope that the tips help you increase online sales. 
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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Why Hopping From One Direct Sales Company is Not the Answer

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing wonderful today. I want to take just a moment to introduce myself to anyone that may not know me. I am a 30 year entrepreneur and 19 year direct sales representative. Over the years I've represented many direct sales companies. Avon is the company that I've managed to stay the course with. Some of the companies I represented went out of business and some, I ONLY joined because the opportunity looked and/or sounded good. 

Here's the thing with joining too many companies. Some of us are multitaskers and some of us aren't. Some of us have the extra time to put into more than one company and some of us just don't. Some are not carefully planning out each day making sure that each company is being promoted enough.

Top Reasons Why Some Join too Many Companies

1. Not giving it enough time to grow the business
2. Choosing a company that the rep is not passionate about
3. Choosing a company just because the opportunity is free
4. Choosing a company without researching their background
5. Not reading all the fine print that also includes compensation plans

Have I ever been a direst sales hopper? Yes - yeeeears ago but you bet I learned my lesson. There will be those times that we will get the no's. There will be those times when sales will be down. There will be times when we will get discouraged but if we want to stay in the race, we must stay in it. Starting a new one will only make us start the process all over again. Why because the grass in not always greener on the other side. I strongly suggest before joining new companies to first grow the first one that one is passionate about. Direct sales representatives should take and make the time to build one then incorporate another or others. Some only choose to represent and that is perfectly fine.

I represent three which is something I don't recommend that everyone do. If this is you try creating a schedule using a calendar and working on each business only on certain days for two to three hours a day. This works for me! Stick to the plan and stay consistent.

Many don't do what it takes to make one work, then decide to join another. The truth is that all direct sales companies pretty much work the same. What we put into something over time is what we will get out of it. Each representative should look within ourselves and ask the question, have I tried everything before calling it quits.

Here aTip About Joining Free Companies 
Joining companies free is perfectly fine but should your company have sales kits/products in time you will want to build your own kit and also try the products yourself. Some companies will even allow people to join free then purchase a sales kit later. How can we truly recommend products to clients that we haven't tried ourselves. Don't be afraid to invest in your future. Sometimes investing just a little bit of money each month will help a business grow tremendously. 

A. Make sure that you are joining the company that is meant for you.
B. Be consist when promoting by sharing some of the things you offer on social media, email and text message marketing, blogging, video marketing, and even more.
C. Give the business time to grow. No business will grow over night but only expect it to grow if you are doing what it takes. 

In 19 years, I've learned so much but just can't share it all here. I forgot to mention that I am also the author of 100 Tips for Direct Sales Leaders. If you would like to learn more about how to build and grow a strong direct sales opportunity, check out my book here - - on Amazon. The book will be a small investment in your future.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

List of Things Business Owners Can Write-Off on Taxes

A tax write-off is an amount of money that can reduce a business owner's taxable income. Reducing taxable income will lover the amount of taxes for which the business is liable. In most cases, tax write-offs reduce a business's tax liability by a percentage rather than by a dollar amount. 

Things Business Owners Can Write-Off On Taxes 

Car, Vehicle, Education
Gas, Travel, Repairs
Utilities & Uniforms
Phone and Internet
Business Meetings
Accounting Services
Business Equipment
Rent for Office Space
Marketing & Advertising
Employer Salaries & Wages
Bank Fees & Interest on Loans

To find out other tax write-offs speak with a certified accountant. Keep in mind when writing off utilities that only the portion of the home used for business can be written off. 

I hope this helps you this tax season!!

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