Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why You Are Afraid of Networking (How to Get More Exposure)


I've asked this question many times as a business coach. If people don't know you or what you have to offer how can they support you?

Can You Be Shy and Still be Successful in Business?

I remember years ago being the type of person that wanted to meet new people but I was super shy. Of course I made sales but not as many as I could have if I wasn't so fearful. I may have been one to go to the networking events but approaching total strangers was out of the question. 

Wondering How to Approach People Can be Awkward

I always wondered what I would say or how people would perceive me. The feeling of being rejected was a big thing. Interesting enough I didn't think about the fact that everyone there was there for the same reason. Fear can cause us to be concerned about a lot of things. Will I approach someone weird or will the person think i'm trying to hit on them. :) The things that can go through our minds!

Wondering What to Say Can be an Issue

When shy or quiet people are approached, they struggle with what to say. Trying to keep a conversation going could really be something. Either they don't know what to say or they manage to not say much at all. Learning what to do at a networking event is vital. This is an opportunity to build relationships. So try not to run people away because people can feel your level of confidence. 

Don't be Afraid to Network

It took me a minute to realize that if I wanted exposure, I needed to kick the shy habit. Today many years later, I am TOTALLY different. I'm not concerned at all about what people think about me. I am not worried about what to say. I carry myself as a professional. I look the part and confidence is something that I definitely have. I have no problem with meeting new people and love the idea of approaching as many people as I can. 

Fear Holds Us Back

The question is what are we so afraid of? The truth is that we need one another's support to be successful. Look at it like this - the people that seem intimidating are in need of the same thing as you - exposure. The next time you are in position to network, remember that if you don't use the opportunity you will lose. 

This will come natural the more you do it. Trust Me! Don't be afraid to approach or to be approached..

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