Thursday, June 10, 2021

Professionalism is Key!

Today for the first time I visited a vegan restaurant. I was so apprehensive not knowing what to expect. There is nothing like spending your money when you’re hungry and being disappointed. So where am I going with this?? As I sat in the restaurant finishing up what was left of my food the owner looked at me and asked me how everything was. I assured him that I enjoyed the meal. I shared with him that this was my first time eating at a vegan restaurant and that I would definitely be back.


He goes it taste no different from eating meat as long as you put care in preparing the meal. He then stated that I’ve eaten at a few vegan restaurants and the food was horrible. He then goes this is why we decided to open this restaurant.


A Few Things Are Key Here…….


1.    He took the time to see if I was pleased.

2.    He let me know that he cared about the quality of the food he was serving.

3.  It’s a true fact that if clients aren’t happy that they won’t support a business.


Professionalism is Key!!


Here are a few things that I do to follow up with clients to see if they are happy.


A.   I keep an open line of communication with them.

B.    I return messages and calls promptly. If I can’t I let clients know that there is a problem and I will call as soon as I am able. In other words, I let them know that I haven’t forgotten about them.


Providing the Best Customer Service Possible is a Key to Success…When we do this, chances are that we will get more referrals. Chances are that we get more repeat clients.


When the professional cares more about the happiness of the client than he does about making money, he is on his way to being successful!


I hope and pray that there is something that I’ve said that helps you grow your business!!


Here’s Something the Lord Placed in my Heart…..


Remember the Lord in Everything you do, and he will give you success!!


When we treat our customers in the way that God requires us to, we can’t help but be successful! Don’t forget about the Lord in everything you do!


Have a Blessed & Prosperous Day!!


Dr. Victoria Sheffield

Kingdom Coach

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