Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Your Brand May Not be Successful Because...

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You're Not Branding Like a Pro

Brand Like a Pro! Remember that your brand represents you and what you have to offer. If your logo and marketing materials look unprofessional then what does that say to a potential client? First impressions means everything. If you are not creative enough to design your own logo and marketing materials, don't be afraid to invest in you. You're worth it and so is your brand. 

Your Packaging Isn't Marketable

What is it that you have to offer? Take a look at your color schemes, font styles, and branding. Is your packaging boring, outdated, or confusing? Your packaging should answer questions that people may have about what's inside. People should never wonder about what you're offering. Your packaging should help sell your product. You want a total professional look.

You're Not Targeting the Correct Audience

Targeting the wrong audience is a waste of time.  I get it! You have something to offer and you're ready to get the word out. It's been proven that only a small percentage of those viewing your ads are really interested or need what is offered. Yes they may admire your work or social media post but many will never patronize or offer support. Lets take a look at social media marketing for example. How many of the admirers - the people that hit the like button actually support or patronize you? Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish the ones that are always liking my social media post would make a purchase or support what i'm doing?"

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