Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Strategies to Help You Build Your Business

Just in case you are someone reading this and do not know my background. I am a 28 year entrepreneur and 18 year direct sales representative. I have tried my hands at many business ventures. It took me some time to figure out the fact that I needed to narrow down my ventures and marketing efforts to just a few. 

I'm a 28 year licensed master cosmetologist, 18 year Avon sales representative, and book publisher since 2007. Social media marketing, training, mentoring, biz building, and wealth building are things I am passionate about. Some would say that my family and I are very crafty since my mom is a 40 year entrepreneur and fashion expert. You may have guessed it. I can sew, craft, and create things too. I even have my own jewelry and fashion business. I don't even remember how many years I've dabbled with this since as young as a small child my siblings and I helped mom with her business.

In 28 years I've made some mistakes. I've learned from those mistakes. What I do know is that if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. It if's not working why waste time? Let me explain myself. Another thing I've learned through this journey is that numbers mean everything. I can't think of anyone in business that does not want to increase revenue. If you're a business owner that has been marketing and promoting your business for a long period of time with no financial gain, this may be a good time to analyze your marketing efforts. (analyze and document) It's one thing to have a social presence and another thing to actually be earning money from what you do. Branding is a key factor in building a business. I will never forget spending countless hours making my brand look good but noticing little financial gain. Don't get me wrong it takes time to build but spend just as must time on turning the lookers into paid clients. 

In terms of the efforts that aren't increasing numbers try changing your business strategies a bit or something totally different. The things that you notice are working for you, work on improving those. Regardless of what you do remember this old saying, by failing to plan, you plan to fail. Research how to create a marketing plan. Carefully think out and journal your ideas before executing them. Give it some time, you will see that the strategies to help you build your business will help you grow.

I created a journal some time ago that just may help you analyze and take a look at what you are doing to help you start and build your business. Men if you are interested in one, I have one specifically designed for you.

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