Monday, December 18, 2017

Get a Vertical Sign for Your Business

I am loving my new sign! Most of what I want people to know about joining my Avon team is on this sign. I love it beause it does the work for me without me having to say much. People read it then if they have additional questions, they ask. This year I plan on uping my recruiting game and this sign is the help I need. I have never been the type of direct sales person that enjoyed approaching strangers. This sign makes direct sales much easier.

Creating a sign on Vistaprint is pretty easy. There are two options. Business owners can upload their own designs and add their own information. They also have ready-made design templates that can be used. If a person is not too computer savvy, I suggest going with the ready-made designs then adding your own business name and contact information. Images like logos or headshots can also be added in desired areas.

I enjoy the fact that I received my sign in a timely manner. It is VERY easy to assemble and once I am finished with events, the sign rolls up and slides in a bag. It's that simple! I paid a little over $100 dollars but this was well worth it because if I take care of it well, it will last almost forever. The sign is made out of thick vinyl and is taller than me. (I'm 5 -2) There is an option to purchase the stand. I strongly suggest purchasing the stand because without it, you won't be able to stand your sign up. If you are someone interested in a sign to help promote your business, visit this link -

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