Thursday, September 7, 2017

Market Your Business Free Using Nextdoor

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Find out whose living in your neigborhood plus get the word out to your neighbors about your business. A few months ago, one of my neighbors told me about this social platform since I am fairly new to the neighborhood. I had never heard about it but once I started using the site, I am finding out that this could be great place to market my business. I am still learning about a lot of the features but I really love the fact that each neighboorhood has their own URL. I can search and find new neighbors to connect with. I have even added my business information to my profile. Users can add their street but block their actual home address. One thing I really love is the free classified ad area and the area where neighbors can post freebies, lost pets, resources events, & etc.. The site is so well organized that I am really enjoying it and learning new things about it everyday. I have even connected with a few new neighbors and joined our neighborhood association. So think about finding out whose in your neighborhood. I let the word out about my Avon business and posted a notation that says "Interested in Avon, I'll Be Glad to Drop a Brochure by Your Home" I always advise safety first so if there is any way possible that business owners can drop a brochure or business card by neighbors homes without knocking on doors or putting them directly in their mailbox which is against the law, think of a way to do so. I have tossed brochures in plastic bags on the front porch or lawn of potential clients homes. 

So I hope this gave you an idea of a new place to market your business using Nextdoor.  Take a look at their site. I did not mention all of their features here but I think you'll love it.

Have a great day and thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog!

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  1. Awesome, is this for only Product Businesses?

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